Design, Drawing & Build

( Please see note at the bottom of page regarding intelectual property rights )

Gilleard Bros Ltd offer a design and drawing service for those projects that are not included in our standard ranges of products.

Drawings & sketches supplied will be suitable for planning applications.

 All we require from the customer is a rough sketch or description of what is required, and then we do the rest.

If you are considering a new bird hide or any other product connected with consrvation then remember,



We are able to turn this


  into this


into this


  And finally into this

There is nobody more qualified than Gilleard Bros Ltd to do this

Just call or email and we can turn any aspirations you might have into reality

 Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights in the designs and any other material that we provide shall at all times vest in Gilleard Brothers Limited,   No rights are granted in any way 

 Intellectual property rights for the purpose of this notice means property in the designs or any other material which we have provided and include intellectual property rights of whatever nature including but not limited to patents, trademarks, database rights, know-how, confidential information and present and future copyright in which property subsists and shall include rights whether they be registered or unregistered

We reserve the right at all times to take legal action should our intellectual property rights be infringed in any way
















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