Tern rafts

The Tern rafts we manufacture are usually built to the customers sepcifications.

We are able to offer these rafts in either timber or recycled plastic, but both use the same principle of using polystyrene as a means to keep the raft afloat.

The rafts have a layer of shingles placed on top, and a small shelf attached to the side of the raft to allow the Tern chicks to crawl under for shelter.

The raft is then anchored to the bottom of the lake or resevoir using chains attached to specially made concrete weights to anchor the raft in place.

We can also provide Mink screens that prevent most predators from gaining access to the raft,The Mink screens are made of glazed panels to ensure that they do not become opaque over a period of time. 




 Photo shows 4 ( 3.5m x 3.5m) tern rafts chained together measuring a total of 49 sq m located at Spurn point in May 2014

Due to their size each raft was manufactured on site before instalation. 




 Photo showing tern raft with concrete anchor weights ready for launching.

Tern Raft A 1 .jpg 

For each 3.5m x 3.5m raft we use 4 concrete anchors as shown in photo attached to the raft with chains.





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