Choosing a bird hide

There are numerous factors that need to be considered before purchasing a bird hide.

These can include

 The proposed location.

The required field of view.

Visitor capacity.

Height above ground to obtain the best view.

Viewing slot design.

Hide cladding and roofing material.

Planning permission requirements

Compliance with Health & Safety. Building regulations and DDA. (Disabled discrimination act)

Due to our experience and expertese, we are ideally suited to advise you on all the above and assist you in obtaining exactly what you require.



The shape of a bird hide will depend on its proposed location,and what field of view is required. Getting it right will ensure there are no blind spots.

 Bird hide5.4.jpg

If the hide is looking out over an
area in just one direction, then our standard hides will be effective and are the lowest cost option, avoiding design and drawing charges.




If the hide is looking out over an area that requires a progressivly broader field of view than a standard hide, then a standard hide angled at each end will be a better choice as shown in this photo.The price of these hides do not vary too much from the standard hides


 As the area of the required field of view increases, then the shape of the hide needs to be altered accordingly.

If the hide is located in a central position, with the areas required for viewing surrounding the hide, then a design needs to be applied to take this into account. For example an octagonal or hexagonal shaped hide will probably suit this particular application best.





The octagonal and hexagonal shaped hides usually go in a central location of a reserve, with almost 360 degree field of view from the hide as shown here, but it must be remembered that one section will include the hide access door which means there are no viewing slots in that particular section. 


These hides are what we call our "Special or Bespoke " hides, and are usually designed to fit a given location. Obviously any design and drawing does incur a cost, but on many occasions we are able to use some of our existing plans of which we have many, and modify the plans to suit the project which will cut these costs considerably

Another factor to look at is getting as many visitors in the hide for as little cost as possible.




Another option that might be considered is if the hide needs to be raised to look over a reedbed for example. In this case then a split level hide might be considered or a hide raised above the ground would probably be the best choice






Another way to increase the number of people that have access to the views from a hide, is to use double viewing slots, as shown in this photo of the " Allen" hide recently constructed at RSPB Leighton Moss reserve.

This means that those standing at the rear of the hide are able to see through the upper viewing slots and over the heads of the seated individuals. The depth of the hide will need to be increased slightly though to accommodate a second row of visitors

Our special or bespoke hides can be designed and built to suit any location or requirement including differing fields of view, where a better view is necessary in one direction as opposed to another - like the stretched octagonal, Island Mere hide at RSPB Minsmere in Suffolk.

Whatever your requirement, we will use our unrivalled expertise to design and build your perfect hide at a price you can afford 















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