Why choose Gilleard Bros Ltd?

 Before purchasing a bird hide, boardwalk, or any other product that Gilleard Bros Ltd manufacture, then the customer needs to be fully aware of the hidden differences that make Gilleard Bros Ltd products stand out above the rest.


If a potential customer is not aware of these differences, then he or she might make the mistake of only looking at the surface and not whats underneath.


At Gilleard Bros Ltd we consider its whats underneath that makes our products superior to the rest, and that fact alone has made Gilleard Bros Ltd the number one bird hide manufacturer in the UK & Europe and probably the world.


We believe that quality and attention to detail is the key to our success, and that our reputation is based, not only on the products that we manufacture, but also in the services that we provide.


For anyone purchasing a bird hide or boardwalk, or any of the products that we supply for the first time, who does not have too much experience or knowledge about these products, then obviously price will have a significant influence in their decision.


What they might fail to realise is that it's not just the price that matters. Quality, service and complaince should also play a significant part in their decision, so that they can be sure that whatever they purchase, is going to last for years to come, and not require regular repair or maintenance and also not be subject to claims from third parties for non compliance with Buiding regulations. DDA ( Disabled Discrimination Act ) and Health and Safety leglislation. All our products comply with the DDA


At Gilleard Bros Ltd we have over the years gained the experience and knowledge of the best design and the most suitable materials, so we can produce something that we know will be trouble-free in the future, and last for many years to come.


Just about anyone can knock up a wooden shed and put in viewing slots and call it a bird hide, but they will not have the knowledge or experience that we do, that has been gained by years and years of doing the same thing over and over again, which means we have over the years been able to see any problems that did surface and rectify them accordingly.


We believe we provide the best that money can buy, and one only has to look at just where the large conservation organisations such as the RSPB & WWT and many others including local Councils &  Utility Companies & The Wildlife Trust and many others look when requiring a bird hide or boardwalk, or any of the other conservation products that we supply for their projects.


If you are just looking for the cheapest product out there then we are not the one for you, but if you are looking for something that is going to last for years and years to come, and have thousands of visitors that use it on a regular basis, including the disabled, then there is no other company that can come close to Gilleard Bros Ltd.


The last thing we want is for a disgruntled customer to ring up with a problem as it not only wastes our time it also wastes their time, and it would also damage the excellent reputation that we have gained by making sure that the job was carried out as perfectly as possible from the start.


The best advice for any potential customer is to do their homework and learn as much as they can about what they are wanting to purchase, before making their decision.


Remember a bad decision made now will have to be lived with for years to come.

Still not convinced?

Then scroll down to see just some of the reasons that we think so many have chosen Gilleard Bros Ltd in the past, and are still continuing to do so.


We currently offer 3 different forms of weatherboard cladding shown below 




The tongue & groove cladding Gilleard Bros Ltd use is profiled specially for ourselves with a deeper rebate  used on the tongue & groove profile than found in normal boarding of this type.

This ensures that the cladding will remain waterproof for years to come and any problems associated with shrinkage in the future are almost eliminated.




As with the tongue & groove cladding our rebated feather edge cladding is specially profiled to our own specification with a deeper rebate  to make sure it keeps out the water and remains rigid.

We also offer an option to have this weather-board fireproofed by sending it away to be pressure treated with a fireproof substance that greatly reduces the chances of fire burning the structure down.




Vertically clad structures are now becoming more and more popular, and although it uses more timber it does offer a very substantial structure

It also looks very good as can be seen in the photo.





All floor sections are BOLTED  to the platform when possible

All hide sections are BOLTED to the floor sections when possible 

All hide sections are BOLTED to each other

All nuts, bolts, screws & nails are either galvanized or plated to avoid corrosion.

Using nuts and bolts as we do ensures the hide will remain rigid for many years to come, especially if is used by high numbers of the public.




All the disabled sections on Gilleard Bros Ltd hides are protected by a cover specially manufactured for ourselves that is made from Plastisol covered steel sheet.

Although not the cheapest product Plastisol is the best product available currently to resist corrosion, and once fitted can be forgotten about for the life of the hide unlike roofing felt that needs replacing after a few years, usually after it was found that water had already damaged the timber inside.

The cover is then screwed on to the disabled section using plated screws which results in a cover that will last for many years to come without allowing any water in that will deteriorate the timber inside the hide.

.This again shows how Gilleard Bros Ltd will not cut corners and go to any length by using only the best available products in their bird hides, and other products they manufacture and sell.




The image below shows the length we go to so that all the structres we supply are designed to be as strong as possible

Notice how the bracing is fastened to the hand rail and supporting timber by using galvanized nuts and bolts.



This is just another example of the quality of the work we produce.




The interior of a Gilleard Bros Ltd bird hide speaks for itself.

The only reason that our bird hides last and last in many cases over 30 years is because they are built correctly, using the most suitable high quality materials, not just the cheapest.

Take a look at the image below and see for yourself.

Go compare our hide specifications with others and see the difference for yourself



(Please click on image on right hand side of this page to explode the above image)

We could do away with the nuts and bolts and use just nails but we don't

We could do away with roof trusses but we don't

We could use ordinary cheap hinges for the viewing slots but we don't instead we use friction hinges to prevent injury to the user

We could use plain glass instead of safety glass for the viewing slots but we don't

We could buy cheap non complant doors from a DIY outlet but we don't

We could do all of these things but we don't


Because we want you to have the best that money can buy and know that it will not fall down or rot away in a few years time.

We want you to be so pleased with your purchase that you come back for more and tell others how pleased you are. ( See testimonials here )

We also want to keep the reputation we have of building the best bird hides available.



Ebro_Delta_Ignasi_3.jpg Ebro_Delta_Ignasi_3A.jpg

All metalwork used by Gilleard Bros Ltd is either galvanised or plated

Brackets used to attach structure to a concrete base or piles are manufactured specially by ourselves and then galvanized so that they will last for years to come, and still look just as good as the day they were installed.

This means that there will be no unsightly stains on the timber due to rusting nut & bolts.

It is because of the examples shown above along with many others not shown that illustrate how Gilleards Bros Ltd will not accept second best,and that the customer is purchasing a product that will be maintenance free for many years to come.

The fact that Gilleard BrosLtd have now completed over 80 bird hides alone for the RSPB, and close to 800 bird hides in total since we started, and not forgetting the hundreds of boardwalks, bridges, ramps, reception buildings, classrooms, fishing huts etc to most of the large wildlife conservation organisations in the country and abroad, is proof itself that those experts in the field of conservation continue to use our services.

See a list of our previous customers here

Can they all be wrong ?

Can you really afford to take the risk of buying from someone who has little or no experience in the products that Gilleard Bros Ltd supply ?

Can you really afford to take the risk of buying a product that was built totally on cost and not on quality?

We sincerely thank  all our previous customers and hope that you will also decide to purchase from Gilleard Bros Ltd, so you can be confident that you will be purchasing a product and a service, from the same place as the largest wildlife conservation organisations in the country have been doing for years.

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