Due to declining numbers of migratory birds such as Swifts, Swallows & Sand Martins we are keen to provide what can in alternate nesting facilities for these wonderful birds as many of their previous nesting sites are becoming less and less available.

Below shows just a small selection of previous work we have carried out.

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Sand Martin Nesting Bank

Due to recent legislation regarding many of the current nest sites for Sand Martins it means an alternative way has to be found to provide nesting banks for these wonderful little birds that are declining in numbers.

Our aim is to provide the opportunity and attempt to address this problem by offering an alternative to the natural sand banks that are covered in the legislation.

Due to popular demand and in conjunction with CJ Wildlife we have developed our new range of Sand Martin nesting hides.

Using nest boxes supplied by CJ Wildlife we think we have developed the best nesting hides available using the best next boxes available.

Due to the usual quality of the construction of our hides and using the well proven next boxes supplied by CJ Wildlife we consider that these nesting stations will last for many years to come and become the standard Sand Martin nesting bank on the market.

Images on right showing working nest boxes with chicks are from site in the Netherlands.

Sand Martin 6 web.jpg



The Sand Martin hide comes supplied with Perspex Mink proof guards across the front and sides to prevent predators gaining entry to the nest boxes.

Sand Martin nestbox web .jpg


Each individual nest box can be accessed from within the hide for cleaning after the breeding season is over.

The front of the hide is made from waterproofed MDF and then painted with a sand finish to resemble a sand bank.

Options include a green roof if required or an additional 66 nest boxes added to the hide if requested.

All units are pre-manufactured in our workshops and then delivered to site and erected.

Other options could include 2 nesting banks angled with a bird hide located in the centre for visitors to have a first hand view of the Sand Martins using the nest boxes as shown in the artists sketch below.


Sand Martin sketch 3 Web.jpg


Nest box cameras can also be supplied if required along with video recorder. (Mains electricity or suitable constant 12 volt dc supply will be required at the site)



Swift nesting tower installed for Waveny Bird Club Jan 2024 


Swift 1.jpg

Swift 2.jpg





Swallow Extension Web.jpg

swallow web final.jpg




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