Wildlife observation hides


Wildlife observation hides can be built with special features for any form of wildlife.

The Badger hides we have built in the past have deep windows that go down to the floor to be able to see the Badgers when they are directly outside the hide.

These hides are designed specifically around the customers specifications.  

 The latest wildlife hide was for the Fife Coast and Countryside Trust for the  Fife Red Squirrel project. This was an angled hide as can be seen from the images on the right

 So far  we have built wildlife hides for




Each one has been specially constructed to suit the customers requirements


Forestry Commission Badger hide. N Yorkshire

We were asked to design a hide to view Badgers where the Badgers came right up to the existing old hide where enthusiasts could have the  possibility of taking close up photos of the Badgers.


The hide was designed specifically for one purpose, to view Badgers at limited times of day after leaving their setts and for visitors to get as close to the Badgers as possible without them knowing they were there 


Badgr Hide B.jpg

Bearing in mind there would only be certain times of day that this could happen the hide needed to be large enough to hold enough visitors who would participate at dusk when the Badgers came out of their setts.


Badger A.jpg

Due to the fact the Badger setts were at the bottom of a steep hill ,the front of the hide was angled out at 20 degrees to allow visitors to see all the way down the Badger setts.


Badger E.jpg

To create enough space to accommodate a large number of visitors a stage was built to give a raised platform to achieve this as shown below


Badger B.jpg


It also required a totally sound proof floor using a concrete base with engineering bricks to sit the hide on and used  one way safety glass and full size viewing panels to give each visitor as much chance as possible to view the Badgers. We also built in a disabled section with viewing slots at ground level so that the visitors could get close up photos of the Badgers



Badger D.jpg.

 This is Gilleard Brothers Ltd first hide using an angled front section and has now led to a lot of interest to use angled sections in all the hides we manufacture and erect.

The added benefits are that it reduces the effect of sun and rain on the viewing panels as well as blending into the background much more effectively.

We can now use this design on virtually any hide we manufacture at very little additional cost








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