Obtaining a like for like quote

If you want a quote and are asking a supplier to tender for a hide or other conservation-related structure, then make sure the tender is based on the same specification to ensure a like-for-like quotation.

We would recommend that you ensure your specification is based on quality and compliance with building regulations (if applicable), relevant health and safety and disability discrimination legislation, as well as price.

All the quotes that Gilleard Bros Ltd supply are based on being as compliant as possible with all the above points.

 If the buyer is not aware of the differences in the quality of the materials they are purchasing, and is also not aware of the legislation covering Building regulations, DDA and Health and Safety, then it is quite natural that they will go for the cheapest quote without realising that at sometime in the future, their failure to abide by current legislation could prove to be very expensive indeed.

Due to the fact that Gilleard Bros Ltd have been building bird hides and conservation equipment for the last 38 years, and also been general building contractors for the last 60 years, it means we are the ones who are best suited to know just what is and what is not compliant with current legislation.

 If comparing quotes then take a look at the photo below to see just what to look out for.

Unless you are aware of the differences you will only suffer the concequences !



1. All sections are bolted together ( not just nailed )

2. Roof trusses 100mm x 50mm ( some others don't even use trusses ! )

3. Purlin supports used to secure purlins to truss

4. All roof trusses bolted to sections ( not just nailed )

5. Friction hinges used to prevent injury to users

6. Only safety glass used

7. Fully compiant hide door wide enough for wheelchair access


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